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3-5 year olds.

The perfect environment for YoungSTARS to develop with total freedom. All of our coaches understand the patience required to work with this age group and we only employ coaches that have that essential quality. These youngest of our UFCA players will be encouraged to develop skills with a smile. It is also a great time to get started to help with the players social development. Having the skill set to go and play football with anybody is something not many kids develop in the modern day due to X-BOX and PS3 taking over most kids free time so we provide that platform for all of our players.

The YoungSTARS will learn to play the game any way they want to, they won’t be forced to pass, dribble, shoot or run faster… They will be encouraged to make them decisions all by themselves. The sessions will be fun & fast and it will be a great start to all of these YoungSTARS football journey.

Parents will play an important role in helping the players settle in, we will encourage all of the players to join straight in without assistance but if we feel it necessary we will invite the parents to assist with the process of getting the players involved and comfortable, we will handle the early stages of these youngSTARS development with great care and patience. Naturally, nerves may play a part but once the players have settled in we would expect them to be pushing the parents away so they can have more space…. In a nice way of course!!

At UFCA we understand how important these early years of development are, players will be allowed to develop in a fun & safe environment with the view of one day becoming just like their favourite players.

We know all of the above players have positives and if all of our UFCA players can take little bits from each player then they will have a very bright future.

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