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UFCA Light up Lawnswood

Monday 18th March saw us welcome our neighbours from York (CFD), these games are always a great test & challenge for both sets of players and that is exactly what we want for all of our players at UFCA.

Even though the first matches weren’t due to start till 5pm, we were there from 3.30pm sweeping the snow from the pitch in order to ensure the games could still take place. The 7s & 8s kicked us off at 5pm and the tempo from the word go was high but more importantly the quality of football was a real pleasure to watch.

Our 8s started very quickly and were very much on the front foot from the off, CFD showed some good glimpses of football but on the whole we managed to win the ball back with a Barcelona style approach fairly quickly and when in possession were linking up tremendously. Jack Tetley and Joe Carney both recent additions to the UFCA set up didn’t waste any time settling in with the other boys and in fact set a very good standard which the rest followed and responded to in kind.

The Under 7s were the stars of the night, they proved a bit too good for their counterparts and demonstrated a high level that I’m sure will see the majority work their way into professional clubs over the coming months/years. The people that were there saw what happened and I’m sure it looked a bit too easy but the feedback from Grimey was that every one of the lads performed at a ridiculously high level both on and off the ball… The future is very bright for these players.

The Under 9s saw two matches being played simultaneously. The standard of every player on show was superb. All four GKs were pulling off unbelievable saves and the ball was rarely off of the floor. Both games were played the right way… Players making their own decisions, working hard both individually and as a team which really showed on the pitch.

Every one of the players played in at least two different positions throughout the games, we want every player that attends UFCA to become comfortable at being uncomfortable which we believe will stand them in good order for the rest of their lives. We dont want U9s only being able to play one position, we want them to understand football from as many different areas of the pitch as possible and then when they find their position in years to come they will have a greater understanding of what their team mates and opposition might or may have to do during games. LONG TERM DEVELOPMENT

As all of our parents and players know we really DO NOT care about the score line and we will NEVER come on here to promote ourselves by informing people of score lines in our games. The single most important thing for us is the DEVELOPMENT of every player that wears the Black & Yellow of UFCA.

Over the last few months we have read some very interesting match reports following games with us and to be honest it only solidifies our approach even further. If people need to announce the scores of games to recruit players or parents then to be honest they are not the type of parents or players we want…. Look past the result of an U10 game and look to the future of that U10 player in ten years time. Has he developed? Is he able to play and compete at a very good level? Does he still love football? Does he remember his junior football years with pride and happiness? These are the only things that concern me.

For the record, the players informed us of the results of each and every game and we could easily use them results as a massive promotional tool for us but that would go against everything in our ethos. If you are a group or team that only focuses on the results of today then good luck to you but we will pass you along the way because everything we do Today is geared for Tomorrow. We are “Dedicated to youth Development”, our ethos and set up proves that… does yours??



Under 7s
[icon_list style=”star”]

  • Henry
  • Archie W
  • Archie O’M
  • Dom S
  • Isaiah DM
  • Jemaih
  • Lewis
  • Shay
  • Oscar
  • Callum


Under 8s
[icon_list style=”star”]

  • Aidan
  • Jack R
  • Jack T
  • Joe
  • Leo
  • Connor
  • Lewis
  • Chez (GK)
  • Kyle

[one_third last]

Under 9s
[icon_list style=”star”]

  • Sam (GK)
  • Lewis B (GK)
  • Josh C
  • Sammy D
  • Danny K
  • George C
  • Kit
  • Fedel
  • George B
  • Billy
  • Danny D
  • Lewis M
  • Ellis
  • ZOM
  • Fletcher
  • Jack
  • Harrison
  • Oliver
  • Alfie



Well done.

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