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U11s Vs Man City Select Squad U11s

Six weeks ago our Under 11s took part in a game against CFD and on the night were outplayed. The defeat wasn’t a problem for me as a coach as I quickly saw it as an opportunity to work on some specific issues that arose from the game. The next training session me and the players had a 5-10 minute reflection session. I asked lots of questions which led to more questions from the players themselves, the ability to assess your own performance with honesty as a player is much more important than what any coach tells you. From that moment we got to work… The main outcome of the reflection session was that we needed to work harder off of the ball both in possession and out of possession. I structured the sessions to aid that whilst continue to work on other areas of the players development.

What we witnessed last Thursday (28th March 2013) was a very different performance. After a slow start the players really did put on a very good performance, patient build up play combined with excellent support to the player in possession paved the way for some well crafted attacks. The pressure we applied to the opposition when out of possession was very pleasing and it goes back to the reflection session which shows the players took the feedback on board from both myself and each other. I have to pay credit to the standard of the Man City players as well with two of their players in particular catching the eye with excellent individual ability. The game itself was a very high standard, lots of very good goals, great saves and outstanding build up play from both groups.

One of the Man City parents came to tell me how impressed he was with our set up and the way the players played out from the back with confidence and ability. Whilst we dont need that feedback to know what we are doing is good it is always nice to hear it even if it asks as a self indulgent pat on the back. The players deserve the credit for the way they responded to what most would’ve deemed ‘a bad day at the office’ but what I saw as a great learning opportunity.

After the game the players shook hands and the mutual respect between two groups of young people was evident. I asked the players a couple of questions about the game and everything was positive.

Well done to all the players that played but I have to give a special mention to Owen Hindley. Injured and un able to play he still made the long trip across the pennines to watch his fellow black & yellows take on Man City… He also tried to convince me he was ok to play because a 5 year old girl stood on his bad foot at school that day and it didn’t hurt (nice try owen).

Squad as follows.
[icon_list style=”star”]

  • Liam O’Malley
  • Jordan Broadbent
  • Tyler Rhodes
  • Joe Booth
  • Rio Jackson
  • Josh Ewart
  • Elisha Godfrey
  • Louis Fletcher
  • Jammy Artley
  • Ross McHale
  • Sonny Wade
  • Ben G
  • Jake Curtis
  • Matty Clark


Well done to every player.. I look forward to the forthcoming sessions & matches.

Harty 🙂

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